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ark:/16417/th7v0bsgnbc7f 741 Lynn drive. March 1952.Image
ark:/16417/th7wrtwnb9qfl Bernard Santen secretary of Claiborne Stud Farm pictured separately with other secretaries of Blue Grass Horse Farms.Image
ark:/16417/th77zdlwcf0lg Community Concert Association plans first unlimited membership drive. Portrait of Jascha Heifetz and William Kapell. Copy Negative.Image
ark:/16417/th7129p8k0dvg Community Concert Association plans first unlimited membership drive. Portrait of Sir Thomas Beecham and James Melton. Copy Negative.Image
ark:/16417/th71nxxtq41hf Miss Aline Ligibel, 25,a native of France, just before her marriage to retired Lexington newspaperman, Eljiah Harrison, 76.Image
ark:/16417/th75fgng9g5q9 Modern Homes section. Home of Mr. and Mrs. William Brock, 1629 Ashwood drive, used on cover of Modern Homes edition.Image
ark:/16417/th7v1z98pct72 Stone house at 183 Jesselin road.Image
ark:/16417/th7pl3fk1dx4l Stone house on Lakewood drive.Image
ark:/16417/th71dg1tfz2qs "The Great Lexington Trots" image of the parade to the post on the Red Mile.Image
ark:/16417/th715jmpfm009 "The Great Lexington Trots" with bearded Trots fan.Image
ark:/16417/th7h55pwxjcjz "The Great Lexington Trots" with men seated on fence.Image
ark:/16417/th71284ltl8zh "The Great Lexington Trots" with women pictured sitting on stools.Image
ark:/16417/th74b587dnjp4 Truck, property of Jerry Fightmaster, hit by car on North Broadway. Image
ark:/16417/th7nzl5ftf081(Left to Right) Mrs. Pace, John Sherman Cooper and State Representative Leslie Gay of Somerset. March 1952.Image
ark:/16417/th727qss7cxrq1949 was year of expansion for churches. Another exterior view of Pisgah Presbyterian church. January 1950.Image
ark:/16417/th75wb3rvkc9c1949 was year of expansion for churches. Exterior view of Pisgah Presbyterian church on the Pisgah road in Woodford county.Image
ark:/16417/th7l2m53rcznr1949 was year of expansion for churches. The Trinity Baptist church uses a quonset hut on the Winchester pike and was erected in 1948.Image
ark:/16417/th71936pnbtcd1951 Golden Gloves. Archie Wars, lightweight member of the Richmond team.Image
ark:/16417/th71b03rjztnq36th annual Farm and Home Convention. Guest at a tea party given at Maxwell Pace by President and Mrs. Herman Lee Donovan. Pictured with the host (left to right) are Harry F. Walters of Shelbyville, state commissioner of agriculture, and Mrs. Walters; Mrs. W. K. Morris of Hopkinsville, president of the Kentucky Federation of Homemakers; Miss Myrtle Weldon, head of the home demonstration work at the University, and Dean Thomas Cooper, of the College of AgricultureImage
ark:/16417/th71mp78znpld4-H Club members leave for Camp Bingham. Miss Jean Amis, left, calls the roll.Image
ark:/16417/th7zgwnkgf5ft4-H Club members model "Fashion at the Bat" styles at a fashion show at the University of Kentucky (UK) Home Economics building. Shown, left to right, are Margaret Thomas, Anne Whittaker, 4-H field agent Miss Margaret Gulley, Pat Carringer, Betty Walker, Annette Allen, and Nancy Lickert.Image
ark:/16417/th715vpcr44xk43rd District basketball tournament; Henry Clay versus Nicholasville in play-off. March 1952.Image
ark:/16417/th732kdfqtvnx605 Chinoe road.Image
ark:/16417/th71lkhrx83jlA basket of tobacco in a warehouse. Taken in February 1950.Image
ark:/16417/th7v3clbcrr0hA Birthday party for Sharon Hawkins (third from left) was given Saturday afternoon. She was celebrating her fourth birthday anniversary. Presenting gifts to the honored guest are (left to right) Donna Reynolds, Janis Jones, Gil Mitchell, Carol Anne Amato and Charles Finnell.Image
ark:/16417/th7dfk6b0p3g6A convertible crashes into the East End Barbershop on Corral street and North Eastern avenue, after colliding with a panel truck. Exterior view of the damaged barbershop and car.Image
ark:/16417/th7122tlc4gwxA convertible crashes into the East End Barbershop on Corral street and North Eastern avenue, after colliding with a panel truck. Interior view of the damaged barbershop.Image
ark:/16417/th767qhv1rfr0A farmer unloads a horse from its trailer. Leftover from the Blue Grass Review negatives. Unpublished.Image
ark:/16417/th71ndbch6xc5A female customer at the First National Bank and Trust Company on its seventy fifth anniversary.Image
ark:/16417/th714mtxjxgvtA gilded antique frame made into a wedding gift shadow box.Image
ark:/16417/th7dwdk55nbb9A group of children with adults leaned on racetrack rail while they watched the Keeneland race.Image
ark:/16417/th7807xrqj89vA group of educators from Burma (Sri Lanka) visiting the University of Kentucky (UK) to study American educational methods. The meeting took place at the office of University president Dr .H. L. Donovan. Shown seated, left to right, are U. Thin Tun, former mayor of Rangoon; Dr. H. L. Donovan; U. Kaung, head of the mission and director of the Public Instruction for Union of Burma; and U. Than, member of the Burmese Parliament. Shown standing, left to right, are U. Thein Han, University of Rangoon librarian; Sao Saimong, chief education officer of Shan States and member of the U.S. Education Foundation in Burma; and U. San Htwar, managing editor of the Burma Translation Society of Rangoon. Image
ark:/16417/th75mkrnnnm6tA jubilant group after upsetting Lafayette, 43-41, the Henry Clay Blue Devils pose with the 11th Region championship trophy following Saturday night's final game at Memorial Coliseum. Kneeling (left to right) are Tommy Starnes, Younger Bowman, Captain Gayle Towles, Jon Collier and Student Managers Lawrence Yates and Don Fugett. Standing: Freddie Hines, Bill Williams, Bob Anderson, Joe Duff, Albert Prewitt, George Forbes and Coach Elmer (Baldy) Gilb.Image
ark:/16417/th7s2wcb1cjwnA large tree in front of the home of George McFarland on the Crumbaugh pike in Scott county was broken off by a twister that struck through Fayette, Scott and Pendleton counties yesterday. McFarland also lost a barn and other trees.Image
ark:/16417/th73l6vhk864wA man and a woman discuss horse sales at Keeneland. Leftover from the Blue Grass Review negatives. Unpublished.Image
ark:/16417/th714twdt7k51A man in the tack room at Gentry Place Pony Farm. January 1950.Image
ark:/16417/th7rw440r0kq9A Pekinese received a diploma in obedience class at a Lexington Kennel Club meeting. Image
ark:/16417/th7c6jwmnq03fA picture from the third floor of the First National Bank building looking south toward the intersection of South Upper and Main Street showing cars running both ways, which was the last day on which this could take place. Image
ark:/16417/th71g08hqhbm2A record high for this year was registered at the Blue Grass stockyards Friday when S. A. Shuping, left, buyer for J. G. Rogers of Lexington, paid the stockyards $32 a hundred pounds for this herd. The herd, which averaged 1,330 pounds, was fed and sold to the yards by Thomas Piatt, right.Image
ark:/16417/th737lsn3dbrxA seller pushed buttons to the mechanical totalistor at Keeneland racetrack.Image
ark:/16417/th7cwc1vnpj0vA tangle involving Jackie Terrill (22) of Lafayette and Jimmy Tudor (11) of Kirksville in the second game after Tudor missed a shot and Terrill grabbed the rebound. Others shown are Kirksville's Ray Whittaker (43) and Lafayette's Errol Cooper (21). Lafayette won 64-46.Image
ark:/16417/th71h2t1qt1w3A tractor-trailer truck skidded on the icy road and crashed on Richmond Road. No one was hurt in the accident.Image
ark:/16417/th7fv79f3x169A view of Sun Baked Valley which stretched along a small stream which emptied into the Kentucky River near Camp Nelson.Image
ark:/16417/th7qxz4dzn30gA. B. Guthrie, Jr., author of "The Big Sky," and an unidentified man. Story by Miss Juliet Galloway. January, 1949.Image
ark:/16417/th71clbxkpv88A. B. Guthrie, Jr., author of "The Big Sky," pictured in his study behind his desk. Story by Miss Juliet Galloway.Image
ark:/16417/th75twjhnc18vA. B. Guthrie, Jr., author of "The Big Sky," seated in chair reading a book.Image
ark:/16417/th765mdvsbrjsA. B. Guthrie, Jr., author of "The Big Sky," seated in chair with young girl and a book.Image
ark:/16417/th71nv6dckjlrA.G. Hamilton, Greendale superintendent, receiving team award from Babe Kimbrough, February 4, 1948.Image
ark:/16417/th720cwfskb17Aberdeen-Angus bull purchased by Thomas S. and Hughes M. Hamilton, of the Colonial Home Farm.Image
ark:/16417/th74xn1rvhrrnAberdeen-Angus cattle on the farm of Dr. A. Y. Lloyd, Spring Station. 1951Image
ark:/16417/th71mc7ns7kf9Aberdeen-Angus herd grazed in the Blue Grass section of Kentucky.Image
ark:/16417/th7616c0cr2x9Accident in which Mrs. Maud McMillian was injured when the car in which she was riding collided with a car driven by L. T. Cowherd.Image