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ark:/16417/th7zzzt78w37cMiscellaneous, unidentified shot made during pre-Derby activities in Lexington on May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 1947.
ark:/16417/th7zzw98h04krKentucky Life Underwriters Association officers. Frank E. Clegg, state membership chairman, presenting bell to Edward H. Brownfield for having largest percentage of increase. Atchison looks on.Image
ark:/16417/th7zzvvf71hdtIke G. Hubbard and James R. Michael pictured on tour of University of Kentucky (UK) Experiment Station farm.
ark:/16417/th7zzvjfb69mgPictures in connection with the Christmas parade. December 1949.
ark:/16417/th7zzpfsg2z3wMrs. W. A. Wickliffe, right, and Mrs. C. R. McGaughey, center, pictured receiving Red Cross donation from Miss Margaret Cantrill.
ark:/16417/th7zzmmqnbf6rScenes after freight car was Knocked into corner of Woolcott Flour Mills warehouse at Fourth and Henry streets. July, 1947.
ark:/16417/th7zzm4x0t4zrHorse reaching across fence on Elk Hill FarmImage
ark:/16417/th7zzkgxf21kmEd Wilder and his activities as secretary of Chamber of Commerce. April, 1948.
ark:/16417/th7zzk465csj8Pictured in connection with running of 1949 Plug Horse Derby. Parade to post in mule race.
ark:/16417/th7zzg0796hdmHarry V. Sebree, left, grader, and Assistant O. H. Lytle check pile of tobacco. Feature by Frank Borries. Image
ark:/16417/th7zzccmnlkg1Pictures in connection with high school basketball tournament at Louisville. Shown is the interior of the Louisville Armory.Image
ark:/16417/th7zz9btmfgtbBlue Grass Review. Main street flood on June 29, 1928. Copy negative.Image
ark:/16417/th7zz4cv84ks1Wrestling matches at Woodland auditorium. Don Evans, Lucky Simunovich and Referee Frank Bunch.Image
ark:/16417/th7zz2zsqrbk2Governor Lawrence W. Wetherby delivering address before a joint session of the House and Senate in the House chamber. January 1952. Unpublished.Image
ark:/16417/th7zz0xtbp302Charles Donald Henry, in earmuffs, looking at crocuses growing in neighbor's yard. February 1949.
ark:/16417/th7zxr93gp9d0Second grade students at University Training school pictured in engine cab before start of train trip to Wilmore. Front, Jayne Bishop and Brenda Johnson. Middle Doug Gaidry, Frances Morris and David Filer. Top, Robert Vogel.
ark:/16417/th7zxqxph4zm6Individuals active at opening of 1947-1948 tobacco sales.
ark:/16417/th7zxgsrzkr9qInquiring Reporter gets opinions as to chances of severe winter. Sergeant J. C. Keesling.
ark:/16417/th7zxf6nskgxxJohn McCauley house at 319 Lexington avenue sold for $18,825 July 15, 1946 to Mrs. Agnes S. Cooper, 200 East Maxwell Street. John McMurtry believed to have been architect. Now occupied by Chi Omega sorority.
ark:/16417/th7zx7bvktzc4Class at University of Kentucky taking course on the care of farm tractors. February, 1947.
ark:/16417/th7zx60lvntqtCarlisle Besuden, Clark county, and champion 4-H Club lamb.
ark:/16417/th7zx3cnc3ftrAction pictured of Kentucky-West Virginia football game November 17, 1946 on Stoll Field.
ark:/16417/th7zwrbvbc0xzCentral Christian church open house and dedication. From left to right, Mrs. Edwin C. Gilson, Mrs. O.T. Evans, Mrs. Duke W. Young, Mrs. Clifton Thompson Jr. and Mrs. Wilgus Brach.Image
ark:/16417/th7zwn2s16bggGolden Gloves 1951. Osie Burton - James D. Rigdon fight on February 6, 1951.Image
ark:/16417/th7zwgvfkh8dsMiss Dorothy Robinson, bride-elect, opens some of her wedding presents. Mrs. Roger Gosser with her baby at left. Miss Janice Stille at right. Photo shows interior of Robinson home at 200 Chinoe Road (Rd.).Image
ark:/16417/th7zwgq79pkncPictured in connection with Dr. Thomas Walker Bicentennial celebration at Barbourville. Portrayal of typical pioneer farmer.Image
ark:/16417/th7zwgngfr3z9Cat and dog playfellows owned by Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Clair, Winchester Pike. November, 1946.
ark:/16417/th7zwfh2b2hjfWalnut Hill Presbyterian church, on Richmond road. Gates of church. Story by Ted SolinskiImage
ark:/16417/th7zvs9z0tdj1Ben Heinzinger, halfback of White team, near start of 82-yard punt return for only touchdown scored in intra-squad football game on University of Kentucky (UK)'s Stoll Field.
ark:/16417/th7zvs432fdm4Scenes around Brooklyn Bridge. View of Brooklyn Bridge from the road.Image
ark:/16417/th7zvrwrdm954Miss Nellie Lawrence and some of her collection of pressed glass cups.Image
ark:/16417/th7zvp7gkglklColonel Irvine G. Scudder, prisoner of war in Japan for more than three years, at dinner in his honor at Ashland Golf Club. Mrs. Scudder is at left.
ark:/16417/th7zvn4vj0fp3Credit Women's Group elects officers. Seated, Mrs. Wilhemina Gross, Miss Genevieve Finneran and Mrs. Angeline Webster. Standing, Lucy M. Snyder and Mrs. Sue McKenna.Image
ark:/16417/th7zvmx3vpcg7Scenes in connection with reception accorded to the University of Kentucky basketball team upon return after winning championship. Crowds gathered for reception. April, 1948.
ark:/16417/th7zvlzh403jbLine of job applicants at state employment office.
ark:/16417/th7zvlqzqlrjrBurley Sales Committee sets November 29 as date for opening of tobacco auctions. Front, W. L. Staton, Albert G. Clay, Alex Parker, R. H. Proctor. Back, Alex Campbell, Lewis J. Gorin, E. J. Cline and John Buckley.
ark:/16417/th7zvh6pgkxv6Three Keene, Kentucky residents injured in crash on Harrodsburg pike, Ogden Cohen, Addie Cohen and Henry Cohen, African Americans.
ark:/16417/th7zv3zbsb5vgMontclair Committee Chairman Cabell Breckinridge presiding over meeting to discuss proposed annexation.
ark:/16417/th7zv09l9gcwzWood stacked up next to plowed tobacco field for bed-burning on Briar Hill pike farm in Fayette County.Image
ark:/16417/th7ztzg1rt022V-J Day Celebration in Lexington. Line of cars outside Phoenix Hotel, 120 East Main Street, and the Ben Ali Theater.
ark:/16417/th7zts4nbv0qmGroup portrait of scout members from troop no. 2 at Christ Church, pictured; David Barrow, J. L. Denver, Verner Johnson, Andy Andrews, Ralph Bringear Jr. and Tommy Lykins.Image
ark:/16417/th7ztrb8n3bwmFirst north-central regional convention of Royal Ambassadors, Baptist youth group. Billy Schmidt, Bobby Baldwin, Billy Pack and Forest Dean.
ark:/16417/th7ztlk3kp4ntTop prize winners in the Lafayette-Bryan Station Future Farmers of America corn and tobacco festival. Tinnie Carr, Victor J. Fister and T. J. Carr, Tinnie's father. December, 1948
ark:/16417/th7ztdg2p36h6Scenes in connection with visit of President Harry Truman to Lexington. President Truman and a man standing at the podium. October 1948.
ark:/16417/th7ztclhs29l2Gym tournament winners at Henry Clay High. From left to right: Duke W. Young, Doris Morris, Katsy Downing and Joan Ray.Image
ark:/16417/th7zt4stvw96nGrant Nealis, 14, standing, and Robert Williams, 14, with snow house they built in the Nealis yard, 822 West Maxwell street.
ark:/16417/th7zt4lcvrp8dThird in a series of stories by Bush Brooke in observance of National Newspaper Week. Person typing at a linotype machine in the composing room of the Herald. October, 1948.
ark:/16417/th7zt4d6vj9pqCrowd at polls at Bolivar street precinct. November, 1947.
ark:/16417/th7zsz2bnld1nStephen Spender, British poet, (bushy hair) and Herman E. Spivey, of University of Kentucky (UK) English dept.
ark:/16417/th7zsmpxzlqfnRecreation room in slave cabin on old Jeremiah Rogers place. Mrs. McDonald Snyder in front of fireplace. January 1951.Image
ark:/16417/th7zsmjr6982bMembers of Kentucky Future Retailers Association get awards. Group portrait of, from left to right, Ruth Kersey, Paula Blank, Alice Williams, and Arlene Napier receiving their trophies.Image
ark:/16417/th7zsk0pmnxn5Firemen demonstrate ladder work for fire school.