Under the search box, users can use radio buttons to set a specific search type; 'All words', 'Contains', and 'Boolean'.

All words

Contain all of the keywords either exactly as spelled or as the beginning of longer words.

Example: An all words search for "bird duck" will find items containing both "bird" and "duck" but will also match "birds", "birdhouse", "duck", "duckling" etc.

The order in which matching words appear in an item does not matter as long as each word appears at least once in one or more of an item’s fields. When order is important, use the contains condition.


Contain the keyword as a phrase exactly as typed regardless of what precedes or follows the phrase.

Example: A contains search for the single keyword "light" will find items containing "light", "moonlight" and "lighthouse". A search for the phrase "porcupine island" will also find "porcupine islands".

Use the contains condition when the sequence of keywords is important because it will narrow down the results more than all words.


Contains text that match boolean terms you specify.

+ before a keyword means that the item must contain that word.
- before a keyword means that the item must not contain that word.
* after a word is treated as a wildcard. A word matches if it begins with the word preceding the *.

'lobster boat' finds items that contain at least one instance of "lobster" or one instance of "boat".

'+lobster +boat' finds items that contain both words.

'+lobster -boat' finds items that contain "lobster" but not "boat".

'lobster*' finds items that contain "lobster", "lobsters", "lobstering" etc.

Search by Date

Dates have been assigned to selected photographs within The Lexington Herald-Leader Photographs database. A separate search form is available for searching only by date. Using this form, users can search for a specific date, a specific year, a specific month, a specific month and day, or a specific year and month. The search form provides drop down menus for selecting months and days. Use the 'date' link under the search box. This provides access to date search.

Browse by Location

Photograph captions which contain references to street locations within Lexington, KY are browsable by those locations. Use the 'location' link under the search box. This provides access to a browsable index of street names and locations.

Requesting Photographs

Results Sorting

Search results are sorted by the photograph caption in ascending alphabetical order.